Virtual learning for all

Hybrid students last day of in person school for 2020

“I’m disappointed and I think the work load will go up. I think we should be back in January.”                        Sonny Marroso, 12th Grade
“It’s not gonna be as good as coming to school in person, it’ll be harder without teachers. I think it’ll be extended until winter’s finished.”  Emily Ogden, 10th Grade

With Michigan going into another three week lockdown, schools around the state have to shut down and go all virtual. Even with the relatively low number of cases, Novi is no exception to the rule. The district went to a full virtual learning program on Wednesday, Nov 18. Ten students were interviewed, all shared a similar opinion: They’d all enjoy continuing in person schooling but believe it’s safer to switch to online schooling due to the current situation.

“I don’t like virtual; we get less help from teachers. I feel like hybrid is easier cause you can go around and talk to them. I feel that it’s gonna get extended another month or two.” Brody Mezigian, 10th Grade
“I hate virtual, I’m really doing nothing in class. I feel like if people actually follow the lock down we’ll be back in January.”                            Alaina Smythe 12th Grade
“I’m not happy we’re changing; I don’t like having to do everything over a screen. Last time they said we’d come back, but we never did.” Alex Vargas, 12th Grade