Chilling Out: Garden club celebrates the holidays

Garden club celebrates the holiday season with a pinecone penguin craft.


Madeline Arbuckle poses with her pinecone penguin.


Garden club meets once a month after school in room 190. This month’s meeting celebrated the approaching winter holidays with a craft: pinecone penguins. 


The penguins, which could be made into ornaments, were made with pinecones, felt, wooden beads, and paint—making them easy and affordable gifts or decorations.

Monthly meetings vary from discussions about environmentalism to crafts.


Garden club president Elizabeth Yoon wants those who are interested in garden club to know that it’s an open space to destress after school and learn about the environment.

Garden club president Elizabeth Yoon demonstrates how to make this month’s craft.


“Anybody is welcome at any time. It’s a really fun and relaxing club.  It’s a lot of arts and crafts that people come to do with their friends,” Yoon said.


Garden club vice president Jaanvi Reddy Muchanthla shared why she joined the club.


“It’s a really chill and fun community where you get to relax after school and do fun crafts. We also learn about really important environmental issues,” Muchanthla said. “I joined garden club back in January 2021. I wanted to find a place where we could talk about environmental issues at the high school, and I realized, ‘Hey, garden club could be doing more about this.’ Ever since I’ve joined, we’ve talked a lot about environmental issues and found ways to help people be creative. We’re a really cool community and there isn’t any commitment to us, but it’s a fun time to be creative and to learn about nature.”