Students and Staff Come Together for Annual Pep Assembly


Arieis Feldpausch

On the right, Senior Alex Daniel, homecoming royalty, walks across the field in front of the school. Like the other royalty, Daniel was voted and elected prior to the event and the rest of the royalty went on to walk.

A chill breeze runs along the Wildcat Stadium as hundreds of students rally together closely. As sounds emerge from the bleachers and green and white is being waved everywhere in sight, you know it is the annual pep rally . The event started outside on the chilly bleachers at the end of the school day. The students rallied together in the stands and started bringing up the energy to support the school spirit. 

The emcees this year did their intro right before the school stood for the national anthem. Major IV sang the anthem. Following the national anthem, the pom and cheer teams went on to perform. Followed by the pom and the cheer performance, seniors and juniors from boys cross country, boys varsity tennis, and boys varsity soccer all participated in guy-girl pom.

Afterwards, the emcees had class chants and the dance company came out and performed a variety of songs mashed up into a dance. Following the dance company,  varsity cheer hustled back onto the field for their last performance of the assembly. Once they were all gathered off, the yearbook staff introduced the spirit royalties.  Spirit royalties are elected and voted by the staff at the high school.

The representatives of the class of 2026 were freshman Kyle Tew and Ryan Burr. Tew plays on the JV soccer team while Burr is a multi-sport athlete. Representing the class of 2025 were sophomores Jackson Brickey and Maya Smith. Smith is involved in student council and plays  soccer. Like Smith, Brickey  plays soccer  and runs track for the Wildcats. 

Sophomore Jackson Brickey said it was unbelievable to be in the parade.

“It felt amazing. I was very happy my classmates selected me to represent them this year. I really looked forward to the parade and throwing candy,” Brickey said.

The class of 2024 was represented by Mooyoung Lee and Rishi Lakkakula. Lee is involved in band, orchestra and as well as swim and track too. Likewise, Lakkakula runs track and is on the swim and dive team and competes in HOSA. 

Finally, the class of 2023 had many royalty including Sammie Burrell, Chinmay Chouthai, Alexander Daniel, Tommy Dokic, Preston Johnston, Tyler Measel, Makayla Stewart, and Audrey Verbracken. 

Senior Tommy Dokic said it was a privilege to be recognized and honored as royalty.. 

“I remember when I was a kid and I looked up to the high schoolers in convertibles and thought they were the coolest people on the planet,” Dokic said. “There’s something about the roles reversing where I’m the person in the convertible and that a kid is looking up to me is an unforgettable experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life.”

Shortly after the royalty was announced, students from each class competed in a big match of tug-of-war. Students in the match went up against staff . The homecoming court intros then took place and the last and most anticipated performance came on subsequently, the student staff hip-hop dance. Students and staff choreographed together to organize a dance that ended up bringing many laughs to the crowd and closing the pep assembly.