I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream

Top tier ice cream locations around Novi.

Whether it’s a chilly March night or a boiling June day, a cool cone of cream is the perfect treat for any occasion. Fortunately, the Novi area hosts a plethora of frozen treat locations.

Guernsey Farms Dairy: Located on Novi Rd between 8 and 9 Mile, Guernseys features a wide variety of ice cream flavors as well as an unbelievably perfect chocolate milk. Additionally, they have several dairy free and no sugar added alternatives. Unfortunately, Guernseys has exclusively hard scoop ice cream, so no soft serve options. If you are planning to eat your ice cream on location, Guernseys has shaded tables out front, picnic benches, large rocks to sit on, and a newly renovated indoor area. Specifically, I would recommend the seasonal Apple Pie, and the Traverse City Cherry.

Kilwins Plymouth: Located on the corner of Penniman Ave and South Main Street. A short 10 minute drive from Novi, Kilwins sits in Plymouth’s Downtown area. Kilwins offers a limited selection of ice cream, however, has excellent flavors to choose from. Uniquely, Kilwins also has a variety of chocolates, fudges, and other candies. Similar to Guernseys, Kilwins does not have soft serve, but hosts dairy free and no sugar added options. Downtown Plymouth is a very walkable area with a park, fountain, and small shops to enjoy your sweet treat. I would especially recommend the Sea Salt Caramel and the Raspberry Sorbet flavors.

Custard Time: Located on 7 Mile and River Street. Unlike the others, Custard Time is less hard scoop based, and more soft serve and drink based offerings, and lacks no sugar or dairy free options. They have several soft serve flavors varying from the typical vanilla and chocolate options, such as pineapple. If eating on site, Cass Benton Park, located across the street, is an excellent option. It is worth noting there is no indoor area at this location. Primarily, one should try the Strawberry Banana Malt.

Stuart’s Ice Cream and Yogurt: Located on the corner of 10 Mile and Meadowbrook, Stuarts is very similar to Custard Time in regards to product variety, with the exception of hard scoop. Stuarts is on the corner of 2 main roads and is not a walkable location. They do have several places to sit, but with constant traffic, it is not an ideal location. Additionally, there is no indoor area at this location, so weather can play a large part in the experience. Be it stereotypical, I would have to recommend the vanilla soft serve.