There’s a zombie wandering the halls

Spight works as scare actor during Halloween season


Photo by Brian Spight

Brian Spight poses after getting his makeup sprayed on, preparing for a night of scaring at HUSH Haunted Attractions. “It only takes around 15 minutes and the makeup artists are always willing to try new things,” Spight said.

In autumn, scare actor is added to Brian Spight’s resume, working as a custodian during the afternoon.

For just over five years, Spight has worked at HUSH Haunted Attractions in Westland. 

“I work in the front part of the haunted house and I see so many people chicken out before they even get to me,” Spight said. 

The haunted attraction only runs Fridays through Sundays, leading up to Halloween. He said working there gives him a nice break from his day to day activities. 

Spight has previous acting experience, once as an extra in a Kevin Hart film. When a job opened at HUSH, he said that it was a great opportunity to make some extra money and put his acting skills to use. 

“Some of my coworkers love to make our guests pee themselves,” Spight said, “I don’t. That’s nasty.”