SAT Season Rundown


Standardized testing season is almost here. Even though tests are coming soon, students may still have a few questions.


First, the most prevalent questions regarding asynchronous work are how much work students will have, and what happens in classes with students of multiple grades.


Assistant Principal Andrew Comb said that the asynchronous work is designed to keep students learning, but not overwhelm them. “Each class will have at least one assignment for students to submit on testing day, but they are designed for students to be able to do independently, without the guidance of a teacher.” 


In addition, students will not need to complete any asynchronous work on the days they are testing, even in cases where their teacher uploads work for students of other grades.


Students should check their school email throughout the week to see if they have received an email showing testing rooms for their tests, or wait for the information to be posted in the atrium. For students who are taking multiple tests, namely juniors, their testing location will remain the same for both days. 


Juniors should keep in mind that while the SAT and the M-Step are the tests that colleges take into consideration for admissions, they are also taking the ACT WorkKeys. This test gathers information on general workplace preparedness and can give a good insight into how prepared one is for the professional world. 


Lastly, Comb also said it’s best to relax and just try your best. 


“Your whole life is not going to come down to how well you do on these standardized tests.  I don’t think I’ve met too many 30-year-olds who lament their SAT scores,” Comb said. “Keep testing in perspective. Sure they are important. However, you are a lot more than your test scores! Don’t let them define you, whether they are great or not as good as you want.”


If students have any more questions or want to find resources to prepare for these tests, the Spring Testing for Students presentation has been sent out to all students’ emails.