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Almost an entire Brazilian state is flooded by rain

Rio Grande do Sul suffers an immense tragedy
Denys Ananias
Picture from Rio Grande do Sul

On April 29, an environmental disaster happened in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil. A huge rain flooded up to the roofs of houses. Today, almost 500 cities have been affected by the storm. More than 150 deaths were reported and about 2,100,000 people have been affected.

Data from website.

Shelters urgently need donations of food, water and clothes to help these people. To give the dimension of the catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina made 400,000 people homeless, while the tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul has left 618,000 people without their home or memories such as pictures or letters.

“I feel terrible for all the people losing their homes, cars, and pets. This situation has highlighted the importance of community support. Many of those rescued were saved by their neighbors, and it’s heartwarming to see people helping each other. I don’t know what I would do in this situation. My family lives there, and although they weren’t directly affected, they know friends who were. It’s just so sad to see what’s happening in the country I grew up in,” freshman Rita Veber said .

The government and citizens are working together on this reconstruction. A lot of people are donating money to organizations that provide water, food or other supplies. Denys Ananias who lives in Vinhedo (São Paulo) went to the shelters to help as a volunteer.  He has felt how horrifying the situation was, and still is. 

“Being there and feeling the stench of mud and dead animals and the look of sadness on the people who lost everything was a very different experience in my life. One thing really caught my attention. Not a single one of these homeless people lamented and cried over what happened. The Gaucho (people from the south in Brazil) people intend to rebuild everything again. I believe that what I saw is worse than a war because the devastation occurred in many cities that were close to the rivers in the Taquari Valley. It will not be easy to rebuild; the energy, sanitation and water systems have been completely destroyed. Schools cannot receive students and parents cannot work as there are no more factories. Middle class and lower class people mix in the same place in shelters because they have nowhere to go. The question is ‘when will they have their homes again?’” Ananias said.

Denys Ananias

This incident has mentally affected the whole country, including the Brazilians that live here or in other countries. 

“The current situation in Rio Grande do Sul is very serious and worrying. The state has always been known for its beauty and culture, which unfortunately is experiencing a series of difficulties, which are affecting the lives of many people. It is very sad to see everything they are going through, but it is gratifying to know that everyone, even residents of other states, are supporting and sending supplies to everyone in the region. I really hope this situation passes soon and everyone stays safe and well,” freshman Anna Eduarda Weiler said.

While this tragedy is happening, a lot of famous people are demonstrating compassion and using their influence to help. The rock band Guns N’ Roses posted on their Instagram a photo of the situation. They also shared a link where people here in The United States can help.

Print screen of the Instagram feed from the band Guns N’ Roses.

If any person who lives in the U.S. wants to help, the Brazil Foundation is a non-profit organization that is helping with the situation. They receive money donations and transform them into food, potable water, sanitary supplies, and rescue operations. 

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    UrsulaMay 24, 2024 at 10:04 am

    It’s very sad what happened in Rio Grande do Sul but Brazilian people are together to this reconstruction. Congratulations Caíque for this important article.