Perpetual Construction Finally Completed on Taft Entrance, Initiated on 10 Mile Entrance


Receptionist-Secretary Jennifer Galligan monitors the Taft entrance from the new office.

Coming back from Spring Break last year, Novi High School students were greeted by unexpected and obtrusive construction on a new addition to the high school, which blocked off the massive Taft Road entrance for the foreseeable future.

A full year later, following 2022’s Spring Break, the seemingly perpetual construction has finally concluded, debuting a new, far more modern-looking office attached to the Taft entrance.  Gone are the brick walls of old, replaced by a fully-modernized office complete with plenty of windows, a kitchenette, large offices for the Principal and Vice Principal, and a conference room attached to the former’s. 

However, the disruption isn’t over: a new construction project has begun on the opposite side 10 Mile entrance. Similarly to students on the Taft Road side, those entering through the 10 Mile entrance have been instructed to use a nearby temporary entrance to the Cafeteria during the interim.

Seeing as construction on the new office took a full calendar year to conclude in spite of earlier projections, it is unlikely construction on the 10 Mile entrance will be completed this school year. Students and staff should get comfortable with the newly boarded-up wall taking the place of the previously windowed entrance for the rest of the semester.

However, students who park or are dropped off on the Taft side can now enjoy using the completed entrance and benefit from its secure multi-lock door system controlled from the newly-installed office.

Drywall blocks off the 10 Mile entrance as students return back from spring break. The construction is for a new secure entrance.