Spring testing Q & A with Andrea Tobis

Andrea Tobis, one of Novi’s counselors, sits in her office one week before spring testing begins to answer some questions, trying to help students better understand the infamous testing week.

What tests are the juniors going to be taking?

11th graders take the SAT with an essay, which is required by the state. 

On Thursday, you take the ACT WorkKeys and M-Step. The ACT WorkKeys is a career readiness test, so for the students who would be going directly into the workforce, it allows them to earn credentials that they could put on their resumes. It is not a college entrance exam. And the M-Step is how we test the social studies portion. Those three tests make up what we call the MME, or Michigan Merit Exam.

Which tests are mandatory? 

The SAT, the ACT WorkKeys, and the M-Step are all mandatory for juniors as part of your Michigan Merit Exam. 

When and where will the test be?

Wednesday and Thursday, April 13th and 14th, at the high school. The SAT will be on Wednesday. Students should report to the school at 7:45 am, and testing will end around 1:30 pm, although buses will be departing at 2:44 pm. On Thursday, the students should report at 7:45 am for the ACT WorkKeys and right after will be the M-Step. Buses will be departing at 1 pm.

Do you have to sign up?

You do not have to sign up for it. All the students are automatically taking the test.

Does it cost money?

No, this is a free shot.

Will there be make-ups or another time to take it in the future?

Yes, for all the tests, because they’re required, we offer a makeup. If you do not come to this testing you will be asked to attend the makeup later in April. 

What will the testing process be? 

So you’ll probably come into the atrium. They will have breakfast available like they do most mornings. You’ll have a roster with a room assignment. You will go to your room with your pencils and an approved calculator. We encourage you to bring a snack and a water bottle because there will be a 10-minute break, and we won’t be providing snacks. Also, you won’t be able to access the snack until the break.

What should students bring?

Wooden, number 2 pencils

Approved calculator


Fully charged Chromebook on Thursday (for the M-Step)

What do students do when the test ends?

So because it’s a standardized test, nobody can leave before the end of the test. So there’s no reason to rush through anything. If you have a ride home, you can leave at the time your class finishes the test, but if you’re taking the bus, you can wait in the atrium until the departure time.

For more information, check the spring testing information sheet: (linked below)

Spring Testing Information Sheet 2022