Vampires, demons and adventure–what more could you want?

The Wrap-Up Book Edition: Preacher Vol. 1

Vismaad Nagra, Staff Writer

The Preacher series has a lot going for it.

First, it’s a graphic novel. Those of you that are discouraged by this, don’t be! It’s different, it’s vivid, it’s wonderful and it’s a nice little change from reading page after page of words (although this is one of my absolute favorite things to do).

Second, this series is certainly one of the most interesting, thought provoking, mind bending books I’ve ever laid hands on.

It touches on religion and relationships and existence. There is good and bad; monsters and humans and angels. There are car rides and really screwed up families, whack childhoods and daddy issues.

It touches on a lot of serious topics while maintaining its humorous, action packed, adventurous theme.

Which brings me to the third reason you should read this graphic novel: It is so freaking funny.

Preacher is the kind of funny where you know you shouldn’t really laugh but you genuinely can’t help it. Its sardonic, dark hilarity is a constant and gives vivid insight into the characters and how they deal with their horrendously terrible hand of cards.

The fourth reason you should read Preacher is the plot.

I know I touched on how great the content is before, but I feel like it’s a point definitely worth repeating.

The plot is so freaking unique that there’s no way you’ll be able to put this book.

It follows this young, drunk, most unpreacher-like preacher ever who is possessed by a demon-angel child, his very messed up childhood girlfriend, and an even more messed up vampire.

Te level of complexity present in the first book is persists in all of the volumes. You’ll never feel bored. On top of that, the writing is so solid that the complexity will never make you feel like you’re lost. 

Also, fair warning: There’s a large amount nudity, violence, sex, booze, drugs. Do with that what you will. 

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