The dress code is a joke

The dress code is a joke.  I don’t see a reason to have a school dress code. The school should abolish the dress code because the rules that are in place aren’t being enforced and the majority of female students have been wearing whatever they want regardless of the rules.

I’ve worn crop tops, tank tops, even a bathing suit top to school, and I haven’t been pulled aside or taken down to the office once, not once. There are a number of different body types. Two girls could be wearing the same shirt, but because one of them has a bigger chest than the other, they would get in trouble.

We can’t change our bodies, sorry. Boys have little to no restrictions on what they can’t wear. Most of the dress code rules, which were explained at the beginning of the school year, are mostly aimed at female students. 

My freshman year I wasn’t able to wear crop tops or short shorts because everyone was at school and dress code was more important, but that all ended when the pandemic started. Even though I was virtual last year, it’s been mentioned that last year nobody in-person cared about the dress code. They wore what they wanted and it wasn’t a distraction.

No one got dress coded. However, now it’s a big deal because more students are showing up to school in person like how it was my freshman year. Last year it was shown that people could go to school and work hard without being “distracted”. This year it’s seen throughout the year that people are still able to learn and work while wearing whatever they want. 

At the end of the day, I believe that the dress code should be abolished. It is outdated, biased towards women, and has been proven to be ineffective and inconsequential.