Getting Skintimate With Yourself – How To Start Your Journey

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: How to start clearing your skin. 

The answer is much less exciting than you think, but it’s crucial: Research. 

I heard you sigh just now, but realistically, slapping random treatments on your face without knowing what they’ll do isn’t much better than doing nothing. 

I’m not saying you have to bust out pencil and paper or take notes on Google Docs like I did in ninth grade (yes, I was that dedicated). Obviously, since each person learns and remembers information in their own way, note-taking might not even help you in the long run. 

The last thing I would want to recommend is treating skincare like a chore because ultimately, you’ll need to take a real interest in caring for your skin so that you gain the motivation to maintain your skincare regimen until it simply becomes a healthy habit. 

And don’t just take my word for it, take the word of skincare experts who root their recommendations in science. Reference people like Liah Yoo, an entrepreneur and founder of her own successful skincare brand, Krave Beauty. According to her YouTube About page, she focuses on “[breaking] down and [decoding] the flood of information out there on all the rules, routines, and ingredients that surround us.” 

Also consider visiting YouTube channel Lab Muffin Beauty Science, which is primarily focused on explaining the science behind and providing evidence for different aspects of skincare, from active ingredients to UV protection. Another popular YouTube channel, Dr. Dray, features Andrea Suarez, a dermatologist who provides a variety of recommendations and reviews for skincare products and creates content that targets specific skin concerns. 

In my opinion, Liah Yoo’s channel is the most interesting, combining anecdotes of her work in the cosmetic industry along with science, all while advocating for more sustainability in the beauty industry as well. Michelle Wong’s channel (Lab Muffin Beauty Science) can be considered the most informative, providing plenty of raw statistics and research in order to educate viewers, and Dr. Dray’s channel is the most focused on directing consumers toward products that are suited for their needs.

Along the way, you might find yourself stumbling upon numerous channels like Beauty Within, Hyram, and other similar skincare or beauty influencers offering their own recommendations for products as well. However, influencers in particular may be sponsored, or otherwise biased in their suggestions so I would recommend that you explore a variety of perspectives to cross-reference opinions and experiences. 

Although I would recommend first and foremost for you to look into the scientific side of skincare and make your purchases based on that knowledge, if you are still interested in watching product reviews, start with basic products like cleansers and moisturizers and pay attention to what skin type they work for.

For most people, I imagine that learning the information behind the importance of skincare isn’t all that exciting—especially when we simply want to see results. Even so, most results take at least one month, and results can vary depending on your skin type and other circumstances. The key is to have patience and be consistent with what you are doing. 

In the long run, doing the research up-front is crucial and will save you from facing the consequences of rookie mistakes, like over-exfoliating, using products for the wrong skin type/skin concerns, and wasting money on resources that you didn’t need.