Break-ins and shake-ups

Locker room break-ins prompt administrative response

 As the winter athletic season is coming to a close, most teams are getting ready for next year and trying their best to finish off strong. But the boys’ swim and dive and basketball teams have something else on their plate: break-ins. 

On February 1st, there was a break-in in the boys locker room. Although most people weren’t personally affected, Junior Shrey Devulapalli was–his airpods were stolen. 

Devulapalli and the rest of the boys’ Varsity Basketball team had just suffered a 10 point loss to Canton. 

“We came in to see our locker room trashed. All the stuff in our backpacks were on the ground,” he said. Losing a game, then coming in to see their locker room in disarray “made it a bad ending to an even worse night.” 

Senior Preston Harrell on the boys swim and dive team had his portable charger, debit card, and around $20 to $40 taken. 

The administration is working to prevent future break-ins, in response to the recent theft. 

“We sent a note out to all the coaches, to the teachers to relay to their kids, to lock their things up,” Athletics Director Brian Gordon said. 

Personally, Harrell hasn’t seen results from the administrative action.

“Well at first they did [help]. I think it was the following Monday. They called me into the office and they were asking me about it. They sort of alluded to the fact that they found at least the portable charger,” Harrell said. 

But according to Harrell, there’s been, “No progress. I don’t have anything back. Nobody else has anything back either.” 

Others like juniors, Krish Magal who had his prescription medications taken, and Riley Carpenter who also had his airpods stolen, are waiting to hear back from the administration and their coaches as well.